Thank you for your interest in applying to a Secretariat position with NAMUN 2019. Before you proceed, please take note of the following:

  • The final deadline for submission is Saturday, April 21st at 6:00 PM EST.
  • Selected candidates will be invited to interview on a rolling basis.
  • Apply with respect to your first choice Secretariat position, and be prepared to answer questions regarding your second choice should you be selected to interview.
  • Note that there are additional questions in Part 3 for the positions of Deputy Secretary General, Operations and Co-Director of Communication and Design.
  • Please complete all components (Parts 1-3) of the application. You will not be able to edit your response after submission.


Click here to read more about the Secretariat positions and their responsibilities.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Molly Cong at



Part 1: ApplicaNT Information

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Please answer the questions for Parts 2 and 3 in a separate PDF or Word document, and attach all documents in a single email [subject line: “Secretariat Application”] to immediately after submitting this form.


Part 2: LEADERSHIP Experience

1. What leadership experiences have you had that are most relevant to the Secretariat position you are applying for? What aspects of your leadership style will make you successful in this role? [Maximum 500 words]

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2. Please attach a PDF of your resume to your email [Maximum 1 page]

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*Note there are additional questions for certain positions.

1. List 3-5 specific ideas or changes you would bring to the Secretariat position to which you are applying. Explain these points in detail. [Format: bullet points, numbered statements or lists are all acceptable]

*2. The following questions should only be answered by candidates applying for Deputy Secretary General, Operations or Co-Director of Communication and Design:

  • Deputy Secretary General, Operations: This position is responsible for selecting conference vendors and organizing logistics. How will you manage and balance NAMUN’s partnerships with our hotel, catering services, and University of Toronto conference venues? [Maximum 300 words]

  • Co-Director of Communication & Design (Design Aspect): Briefly explain which graphic design applications you have experience working with. Additionally, please include in your application email 2-4 examples of designs you have created. [Format: JPG or PNG files]

Title: Proposal_Firstname_Lastname

Thank you for your submission to NAMUN 2019. All candidates selected for an interview will be contacted by email.