Say hello to the 2014 Team!

Growth in staff means means smoother conference for delegates

BY: Harshita Jagadeesh

Following the great success of NAMUN 2013, this year’s conference has some big shoes to fill.

The new staff, headed by Secretary General Sammy Lau, is stepping up to the task. With the largest staff numbers in NAMUN history, the potential is endless.

Twelve Secretariat members have painstakingly interviewed and selected 84 staff members, for a record total of 96 staffers for the 2014 conference.

“This number will only continue to grow as the conference approaches,” says Sammy Lau.

What does a bigger staff mean for the conference and the delegates? Well in the most basic sense it means more activities, well-hinged committee meetings, and resources for information.

The largest staff expansion has taken place in the Joint Crisis Committees. The real time, turn-based approach taken to the Crisis Committees were a very popular and exciting addition to last year’s conference. The committees consist of two delegate teams that are working towards a specific objective.

Delegates can view how their actions play out as they move towards their goal against another group who are directly in opposition to that goal. The expansion in the Crisis Team for NAMUN 2014 will allow for even faster communication between delegates and crisis staff, as well as faster updates on progress and crisis responses.

NAMUN 2014 also has all new Vice Director positions in place. These positions are for returning staff that displayed great commitment and dedication towards NAMUN. They have been brought forth into a new leadership role.

Keep your eye out for this all-star cast!