NAMUN's first-ever application based committee


Mladic on trial at NAMUN’s first application based committee

BY: Trevor Koroll

Select delegates to the 2014 North American Model United Nations will have the chance to put Ratko Mladic, accused war criminal, on trial in the conference’s first ever application based committee.

“The committee will put Ratko Mladic on trial for his involvement in the Yugoslav Wars. Delegates will be assigned a role, either as the prosecution team, defence counsel, witnesses, judges or Ratko Mladic.” said Emily Tsui, Director of Specialized Agencies for NAMUN 2014.

An application based committee requires delegates to submit separate applications in order to be considered for a spot. “This committee is intended to attract head delegates and/or delegates well versed in this conflict,” said Tsui.

“Instead of running 3 topics, this committee will have the sole purpose of putting Mladic on trial. There will be one committee session for preparation and a joint session with the Security Council at the end. There also won't be a traditional caucus format, instead it will follow more direct and cross examination procedures.”

Delegates will be given a case book filled with relevant information in order to prepare them for the trial. “Essentially the committee will function as a mock trial to determine the degree of guilt that Mladic has for his participation in war crimes resulting from that conflict,” she said. “Gowns will be provided for lawyers and judges.”

Tsui said the idea for the committee came out of her interest in participating in an International Criminal Court committee, an interest in the Yugoslav conflict, the Balkans, and international law.

Mladic is accused of war crimes during the Bosnian war and was arrested in May of 2011 in Serbia. His trial began in May of 2012 at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.