NAMUN 2014 announces record sponsorship

NAMUN’s largest ever sponsorship will allow Conference to grow

BY: Kate McCullough

The North American Model United Nations received a $5,000 sponsorship this fall for its 2014 conference from the Student Initiative Fund – double the amount it received last year.

“This is NAMUN's largest sponsorship in history. Sponsorship campaigns in past years rarely surpassed $5000 in total,” said Benjamin Gillard, NAMUN 2014’s Director of Business and Partnerships. Last year the SIF awarded NAMUN a $2,500 sponsorship.

“We have met that with one sponsorship and anticipate many other sponsorships to be renewed. Our sponsorship this year should well exceed $7,500 in total, all things holding equal.”

Gillard said NAMUN has been growing steadily over the last decade, but this year it hopes to grow more than ever.

“These sorts of sponsorships are exactly what we need to get there,” he said. This year’s budget is 25 per cent higher than last year’s, and 33 per cent higher than the 2012 budget.

“The increase of sponsorship that we are seeing is coming at a critical juncture in NAMUN's development as we grow the number staff and delegates and expand our programming.”

In the past, NAMUN has solicited sponsorship through personal connections, but Gillard said NAMUN is now using a more sustainable approach.

“Instead, we use a targeted strategy that establishes permanent partnerships with institutions, funds, departments, and other sources that can be renewed from year to year.”