New bursary program open to thirty delegates

Discounted delegate fees to make it easier for students to attend NAMUN conference


BY: Deepa Nagari

After the success of last year’s conference, NAMUN is looking to expand the model UN community by introducing a new bursary program.

The goal of the program is to raise awareness about the conference within the University of Toronto.

The program will be launched in the coming weeks, and applications will most likely be due in the middle of January, with the recipients of the bursaries being selected by the end of January. Those hoping to apply should check the NAMUN website in the coming weeks for further details.

This program is being introduced mainly because several U of T students may be hesitant to participate in the conference due to the costs.

“We understand that some conference fees can be quite daunting and those students that haven’t had a chance to experience Model UN may be hesitant to commit. By offering our delegate fee at half the cost, our hope is to give students an opportunity to experience model UN,” said Larysa Workewych, Director General of NAMUN 2014.

Also, according to Workewych, the majority of the University of Toronto students take part in the organizational team. The new bursary program will give the students the opportunity to take part in Model UN instead.

“The goal is to give students at the University of Toronto a chance to experience the Model UN community that may not otherwise have the time or ability,” she said.