WestJet renews partnership with NAMUN


WestJet offers 10 per cent off flights to NAMUN delegates


BY: Rachel Man

WestJet is renewing its partnership with NAMUN, offering 10 per cent off flights scheduled between February 13, and March 2.

Mariela Libedinskythe Deputy Secretary General of Operations of NAMUN 2014, said the airline has been very understanding and cooperative with NAMUN in the past, and has partnered with NAMUN for the last two years.

"WestJet has been known to be very generous and helpful with student groups, and they haven't proven us wrong yet," Libedinsky said. 

Community investment is one of WestJet's social services that they take pride in. Every year, the company supports different charities and non-profit organizations with an in-kind (non-cash) gift-of-flight donation. 

"Having airline partners is what we need to give our delegates the best experience possible," says Sammy Lau, Secretary General for NAMUN 2014.

It is crucial to have a partnership with large corporations, especially as the conference continuously grows, says Lau.