NAMUN 2015 delegate count set to reach decade high

Not in ten years has such a legion descended upon Toronto for North American Model United Nations (NAMUN).

NAMUN 2015's attendance currently stands at 288 delegates, according to Director General Christine Jacob.

“We have delegations from the University of Lethbridge, which is from Alberta; we have UBC coming. These are brand new schools. We have more of Canada being represented, as well as a number of returning delegations that we've had from previous years,” stated Jacob. “It's great to see all these new schools and returning schools coming back for our 30th anniversary.”

At this time last year, only 190 delegates were confirmed.

No mere observer, Jacob herself has been a key engineer of this success.

“I'm in charge of all registration, fees, delegate registration, contacting delegations about accommodations such as our hotel partnerships, as well as any promotions that we have for delegations like our WestJet package as well,” Jacob said, detailing her sometimes less visible, but crucial responsibilities. “I just deal with all the delegate registrations and delegate relations.” Few others have had a greater hand in NAMUN 2015's stellar delegate-count than Jacob's logistical maneuvering as Director General.

If that isn't enough welcome news, Jacob reports that preparations for the Conference, beginning just a little over a month away on February 19, are almost entirely ahead of schedule. Delegate registration and hotel accommodations have already been settled. The only thing left to be done is to finalize the keynote speaker, which Jacob is confident about settling in time.

The Director General explained that the Conference's annually record-breaking attendance has promising implications for NAMUN as an organization.

“Last year we had over 100 staff, and each year we continue to grow, so it's nice to see NAMUN growing within the community, as well as on an international scale with new schools coming,” she said.

Get excited for February, staffers. You're going to have more company this year than ever.