French Committee: Algerian War of Independence

This year’s French Committee will will focus on addressing the cruelty of the war for Algerian independence

By Molly Henderson, Journalist


This year’s North American Model United Nations (NAMUN) conference will see a variety of committees, including the French Committee on the Algerian War of Independence. Delegates participating in this committee will tackle debates on one of the most brutal and bloody conflicts in the history of French colonization. The focus of the session will be the cruelty of the war for Algerian independence, France’s political struggles and foreign intervention during the conflicts.  

The background guide aims to place delegates in the historical context of November 2nd, 1954, the day after the outbreak of the Algerian war of independence. Such a context will enable the French Committee to examine the nature and legitimacy of colonialism under international law, then a nascent topic at the United Nations.

The Committee will discuss key issues of the colonialism debate, such as the mistreatment of indigenous populations, the French government’s appropriation of Algeria’s natural resources, the use of guerrilla warfare by Algerian rebels, and the recourse to torture and other crimes against humanity by French forces. Delegates will gain a better understanding of the history of colonialism, as well as the extremely complex procedure required for a nation to regain its independence.

Besides drawing up a detailed background guide for her committee, chair Ece Yucer has been hard at work all year, participating in simulations and familiarizing her staff with the procedural logistics of a model United Nations conference.

NAMUN runs from February 22nd to 25th at the University of Toronto. Read more of the Emissary’s coverage on this year’s committees here.