The best deals in town

The Emissary brings you a list of all the sweet weekend deals you won’t want to miss out on

By Natasha Malik, Editor in Chief of the Emissary


Welcome to Toronto!

In one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world, you’d want to know of the right places to go and The Emissary is here to help. Here is a list of hottest places to go, if you are looking for some sweet deals and a good night out here in the 6ix.


Madison Avenue Pub (14 Madison Avenue)

Located close to the University of Toronto, this multistory pub is a haunt for many college students. Entrance is at $10, with which you receive a drink ticket. All mixed drinks and domestic beer is priced at $3.50 and each floor offers a different atmosphere. Something for everyone!

Grace O’Malley’s (14 Duncan Street)

An Irish pub with a dance floor and live band, Gracies has no cover for students on Thursdays. Be sure to bring your student ID and dancing shoes. A number of drink deals are in store, including $5 Jäger Bombs!


Bar 244 (244 Adelaide Street West)

Known for their cheap drink deals for each day of the week, Bar 244 is especially poppin’ on a Friday night. Mixed drinks and domestic bottles at prices at $3 and you are in for a good night out.

Crocodile Rock (240 Adelaide Street West)

Although their $2.50 drink deal ends at 10PM, Croc Rock is located in the heart of Entertainment District and offers a great place to pre.

Fifth Social Club (225 Richmond Street West)

If you are down to dance, this is the place for you. A stylist ex-loft with an upbeat atmosphere, Fifth Social is fun Friday night out in the city.

Tequila Jacks (184 Pearl Street)

A great night spot with massive bars and dance floor. If you like to jam to Top 40 music, you will love the atmosphere and the $4.00 Tequila shots will only make it better.

Dance Cave (529 Bloor Street West)

A college student favourite, this 2nd-storey club plays lively spins of retro and indie rock music. A place that should not be missed!


Sneaky Dee’s (431 College Street)

A place very hard to miss, located near one of the city’s liveliest parts, Kensington Market, this bar has an upstairs dance floor and a kitchen that’s open till late. Their drink deals in $3.50 domestic beer and $3.75 cocktails.

Insomnia Restaurant and Lounge (563 Bloor Street West)

A cozy lounge popular for its late night eats and over fifty martinis on offer gives us Martini Thursdays. With $3.00 Jameson and Apple Candy shots, this spot is the perfect remedy for a relaxed night out after an evening of NAMUN.

The Ballroom Bowl

Do you like bowling? Do you like dancing? Well, we have the place for you. Head to the Ballroom from a good night out with friends.

Rec Room (255 Bremner Boulevard)

This massive destination offers a variety of arcade games that your inner child will love! A great laugh with your new friends, at a bar located near the CN tower, Rec Room promises a great night out.

Rebel (11 Polson Street)

Regularly visited by top international performers, this waterfront club has generous views of the 6ix and massive dance floor. If you like to party hard, you like to party at Rebel.