Position Papers

A position paper is a brief summary of a delegate’s agenda and desired outcomes during the duration of the conference. It is a broad statement of purpose and should clearly demonstrate or include the following:

  • A wealth of knowledge relating to the issues presented in the background guide

  • A deep understanding of the stance of the delegate’s assigned country, faction, or character, on committee subject matter

  • Strategies one might employ to develop their position and goals within the committee

  • Clear tangible objectives to be achieved during the conference

Submission of an appropriate position paper before the deadline is required to be considered for any award. 

The best position papers in each committee will be recognized with a Book Award.  

Ad Hoc committee delegates are not expected to submit a position paper. 

ICJ Judges are not required to submit a position paper as they should remain impartial.l.


  • Papers cannot exceed the length of one sheet of letter-sized paper

  • 1-inch margins

  • 12 point font

  • Please include your Full Name, School and Committee name at the end

  • Please cite all external sources used for research when writing your position paper

  • All submissions should be in PDF format.

  • Please name your files in the following manner: Country/Character_Committee_NAMUN2020 (i.e. Kenya_SOCHUM_NAMUN2020 or Mikhail Gorbachev_Communist Party of the Soviet Union_NAMUN 2020)

Position papers must be submitted to the assigned committee email address by the beginning of the conference on February 20th, 2020 to be considered.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Deputy Secretary General, Content, Shuen Wan, at shuen.wan@namun.org