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United Nations Security Council: South China Sea

On January 22, 2018, after months of US Congress-led investigations on US-China trade practices, US President Donald Trump imposed the first tariffs on Chinese goods imported into the United States. Subsequently, China retaliated with its own tariffs in April, marking the beginning of a trade war between the world’s largest economies. Other political issues have long plagued the two superpowers and these trade tensions have exacerbated long standing disputes between China and the US. The most relevant consideration include the competing claims for the right to patrol the South China Sea. This strategic region is rich in natural resources, contains territorial claims from ten different nations, and facilitates one third of the world’s shipping traffic. Due to the recent increase in commercial tensions, the increased presence of American and Chinese vessels in the region have sparked debates concerning the presence of foreign militaries in the Strait of Taiwan and its implications as an infringement on China’s sovereignty. The UNSC must find a way to peacefully de-escalate tensions in the region while preserving the key interests of all parties involved. 

Francophone Committee:

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British house of commons

With its numerous members of Parliament representing the various constituencies of the United Kingdom, the British House of Commons is the Lower House of British Parliament. It is responsible for drafting, approving and revising legislation in the UK. Due to the tumultuous developments in the country’s domestic and foreign policy in the past couple of years, debates between the majority and the opposition have become even more polarised and deadlocked – delegates will have to find a way to break this stagnation and address pressing matters such as national security, immigration policy, the refugee crisis, economic disparity, and the ever contentious issue of what happens after Brexit. In line with their party’s and constituents’ expectations, delegates should attempt to find solutions to their nation’s immediate and deeply-rooted grievances and define the United Kingdom’s future role on the world stage.

International Court of Justice

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